Environmental Pollution – How Students Can Play Role to Minimize It

Environmental PollutionEarth is our home and it is our duty to keep the environment safe and protected. Many people believe that the responsibility of controlling environmental pollution lies with those who are contributing to this cause. There is a lot that government and corporations can do to help but students can also play a positive role to make the environment cleaner and safer for us.

Environmental pollution is becoming a serious threat to life on earth. According to a rough estimate by a dissertation writing service, each year more than 3 million children die from factors related to environmental pollution. One half of the world’s population is under the age of 25, that means that the young generation can gather together to use their collective abilities to advocate for change. Survey reports highlight that students waste massive amounts of materials like paper and plastic that are the major causes of environmental pollution. Students can help in controlling the major factors that lie behind environmental pollution by changing their attitudes and values. By doing so they can create a big difference in the amount of waste material that is dumped into landfills and oceans around the world.

The first step that students should take in minimizing the effects of environmental pollution is to bring change in their own lifestyle. They have to change their consumption patterns. They should try to recycle more and waste less. They should plan their meals to avoid the wastage of food. These steps will provide them with help to build foundations for them and other individuals to create a more environment friendly lifestyle. Students are future of a country and they have the capability to change the future by implementing some positive attitudes in their lifestyles and encourage others to follow them. With these positive habits, they can encourage other family members and friends to follow their footsteps and together they can advocate these measures to their communities for healthy lifestyles that benefit them as well as the environment. Plastic is among the major cause of environmental pollution. Plastic bags and bottles should be discouraged. Do not let anyone burn plastic as it pollutes the fresh air. Tell people about the benefits of fresh air and how it can help them to smooth and relieve their minds. Smoking is very common among adults these days. As a student, it is your duty to learn about the hazardous effects of smoking on surroundings as well as on the health of smoker. Never smoke in public places and do not let anyone do so.

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Smoke from vehicles is another element that contributes to environmental pollution. Students can encourage the use of bicycles for the short-distance journey. Promote cycling among individuals so that there would be fewer traffic jams. Schools and colleges should encourage activities like gardening and planting new trees. Trees are a source of fresh air and they clean the environment by inhaling carbon dioxide. An environment surrounded by greenery and plantation would be more likely to have positive effects on your health. The fresh air and natural beauty will reduce the effects of environmental pollution.

It is very important for students to get themselves equipped with the knowledge of pollution and its harmful effects on their surroundings. When they take steps to reduce pollution and take this useful information with them to the future, where they will be in a state to advocate their point of view in much better ways. When society will have an adequate number of students who are educated about the role of pollution and know ways to reduce it the risks of pollution decreases and it will have more chances of establishing a clean environment for its residents. Students who sense their responsibilities regarding pollution will surely put pressure on their family and friends to advocate for change that would ensure a clean and safe environment for all beings.

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The drastic effects of pollution on our environment cannot be reduced unless the governments play their part. Strong policies should be made and implemented in order to win the fight against pollution. Industries and governments should join hands to impose sensible limits on the amount of pollution released into the environment. Students around the globe should educate the other individuals of society about the harmful effects of pollution and work with one another to devise ways in which they can create a clean and healthy environment for themselves. They could build pressure on their governments to impose strict laws on the largest polluters.

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